我想要的无非是遵从自己的内心去生活, 为什么竟是如此艰难呢?

99% 的理论 + 1% 的实践 = me (idealistic daydreamer)

# Current Resolution


# Current Status


# 兴趣爱好

  • Read Manga (Tachiyomi Best APP Ever)
  • Watch Animation (Only Good ones)
  • Read Books (CS, textbook, literature, science, psychology, philosophy and any other interesting category)
  • Gaming (MAIMAI is my favorite now)
  • Learning (Code, Foreign Language, Piano, Drawing for now)
  • Exercise

# Life long rules

The sum of behavior is to retain a man’s own dignity without intruding upon others’ liberty.



  1. 当它本可进取时,却故作谦卑
  2. 当它空虚时,用爱欲来填充
  3. 在困难和容易之间,它选择了容易
  4. 它犯了错,却借由别人也会犯错来宽慰自己
  5. 它自由软弱,却把它认为是生命的坚韧
  6. 当它鄙夷一张丑恶的嘴脸时,却不知那正是自己面具中的一副
  7. 它侧身于生活的污泥中虽不甘心,却又畏首畏尾
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The older I get, the more I realize that most of life is a matter of what we pay attention to, of what we attend to [with focus].
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