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Weekly Report 2022.28

The finality of everything

The Good days and the Bad days, all will disappear along with the tide of time.

# Entertainment

# 鞋狗



# 约会大作战 S4



# Learning

# Thought Stop Sign

生活中总有一些,我们会不假思索认为是正确的事物;但,这样其实是不合理的。因为我们绝大多数都是「环境和经验」的产物,换了一个大环境,接触到的事物很不一样,那就会产生不一样的看法。就拿 666 这个数字来说,国内视之为赞美之词,用于称赞其技术高超;而对于英语环境下的人而言,666 is devil number,不是能够轻易使用的。


没有是非黑白,Everything is a spectrum, find out your own degree.

# Life

看了太多文章,也不知道真正吸收了多少内容;然后把平时学习的时间也占用了,以至于 CS 方面近期没有太多进展。

# Thought

Get things done is way important than plan or OKR.

# Quotation

  • The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.
  • Where it is difficult to believe a thing, it is often much easier to believe that you ought to believe it.

# Recommendation

# 为什么我们需要钱

# Survival - 生存

This is the main factor that gives us the anxiety of finding a job and the fear of losing a job.

  • Four Ladders
    • Some Savings
    • Basic Necessities
    • Homelessness
    • Starvation

When we climb over the four ladders of survival, we are about to enter the level of freedom.

# Freedom - 自由

Rather than using money as the ticket out of an unfulfilling career, use it as the ticket in to a fulfilling one.

  • Diligence
  • Patience
  • Rationality

It’s not about working hard to exchange freedom, we are free as who we are, what we are doing.

  • Three Levels
    • Freedom-in-Attention The less you have to think about money, the more free you actually are
    • Freedom-in-Work
    • Freedom-as-Leisure

# Power - 权力


  • The ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality
  • The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events

The way you exercise power over yourself will set the conditions for how you exercise power over others

If you want to express your individual power by buying yachts, wearing gold chains, and balling out at night clubs, then that does two things. First, it signals to others that these are the things that matter to you, and they will tie your human worth to your material worth. Second, you will view others through this same lens, and you will see materiality as the answer to solving their problems in turn.

  • Four Levels How to use Money for ?
    • People you don’t know
    • Community
    • Family
    • Self

If you view the world through the lens of scarcity and survival, money will only amplify that feeling of inadequacy. But if freedom is what defines you, then money will feel abundant, no matter how much you have. If power and influence is what you want, then money will drive the nature of your relationships in that direction.

# 拉伸

  • 静态拉伸
  • 动态拉伸
  • PNF 拉伸「本体感觉神经肌肉易化拉伸」

# 睡个好觉


成年人每晚需要拥有 1.5~2 小时的深度睡眠,才能基本保证第二天头脑清醒,精神充沛。


  • R90 - 以 90 分钟作为一个睡眠周期,包括非眼动睡眠、眼动睡眠和快速眼动睡眠
  • 一个完整的睡眠一般包括 4~6 个睡眠周期
  • 一周保证 28~35 个睡眠周期最为理想

睡前醒后的黄金 90 分钟

  • 睡前的 90 分钟要为睡眠创造足够的条件和环境,比如停止进食或消耗性的剧烈运动,让胃里的食物得到充分消化,让身体得到平静,在空间上充分感受睡眠氛围。
  • 醒后的 90 分钟要为一天的开始做准备,逐渐唤醒大脑,比如喝杯咖啡、认真吃早餐,如果时间充足的情况下还可以做一些简单的运动,激发自己的身体。

# References

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The older I get, the more I realize that most of life is a matter of what we pay attention to, of what we attend to [with focus].
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