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Weekly Report 2024.03

easy to start, hard to finish

If your life is not going well, perhaps it is your current knowledge that is insufficient, not life itself.

# Entertainment

# キルミーベイベー

simple and entertaining animation from old (2012) days, and the signature meme-dance from the ed.

I would recommend if you have some thing todo while you can peer the TV sometimes, say acquiring some boring trophies.

# Learning


The professional part is real, and I lack all those experiences to solve (example) problems.

Well, the first thing I need finish is, to remember all the critical components in AWS, their functionalities and restrictions.

Say, AWS Athena is strictly bonded with S3, it can only scan data from S3, and there are serval approaches to improve efficiency.

  • column-based data (parquet format)
  • compression
  • big files

So, to make use of Athena, we have to think about data-sources of S3, and how to make data compliant.

And as a AWS professional, we also have to remember the approximate price of AWS components, for there would be problems about most cost-save architecture.

# Life

  • actually, didn’t make much progress on AWS
    • it might be true, I did finish the course on Udemy, but it’s hard to say how many percent of those contents I memorized well and let me use them to solve problem in real life (or just for the certification exam)
    • in the next stage, I will focus on example exam, and those concepts I can’t recall when I first see
  • the blue archive 3rd year event
    • kinda sad, I’m not familiar with events, got the shopping-ticket too late, didn’t make it to buy shiroko’s scarf
    • .

# Sharing

# Java21 Virtual Threads Dead Lock Problem

Under the hood, the Java Virtual Machine creates a pool of carrier threads, which execute your virtual threads.

JEP 444 states that:

There are two scenarios in which a virtual thread cannot be unmounted during blocking operations because it is pinned to its carrier:

When it executes code inside a synchronized block or method, or When it executes a native method or a foreign function.

# how to english


If you really did memorize so many IETLS writing examples, then, maybe you could have conversation with native speakers, just take the situation as writing. It’s a proof that you can talk in english, and it’s important for you to realize this.

# References

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The older I get, the more I realize that most of life is a matter of what we pay attention to, of what we attend to [with focus].
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