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Weekly Report 2024.16

there is no way to explain the real-life

the true belief is elixir and also curse.

# Entertainment

# karaoke

It’s been such a long time from we had chance to meet together and sing all day.

And it’s really a good place to get yourself far from the everyday life, simply enjoying your song and thinking about the next one.

# Learning

Not much, I wasted a lot of time.

# Life

  • I don’t know, but it may be kinda melancholy to see one relocate back to China
  • and, life sometimes will be super hard, if you don’t have any one could back you up
    • because we don’t have any acquiantances before we come to Japan, so everything were depending on ourselves
    • it’s so funny for us to bring the furnitures from his apartment to mine by our own hands without vechicles
  • I start to think “go to gym” is kinda wasting time, but at the same time, I spend more time on electricity devices
  • I was too tired in the weekdays, too free in the weekends, there were the excuses I told myself for not to contribute more to learning.

# Sharing

“What matters isn’t being applauded when you arrive—for that is common—but being missed when you leave.” - Baltasar Gracian

“Thinking is all about the ability to look at complex situations and strip away things that don’t count—the ability to filter out situations and find what’s at their core.” — Paraphrasing Douglas Hofstadter

# References

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The older I get, the more I realize that most of life is a matter of what we pay attention to, of what we attend to [with focus].
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