Weekly Report 2024.19

no logic

unplanned life is my biggest enemy.

# Entertainment

# ヌけない聖剣ちゃん

A story for the most cultured of individuals.

# Learning

  • running tips
    • slow down
    • small steps (more efficient and better for your joints)
    • land on mid- or forefoot
  • on-call incident steps
    • triage: find the problem, decide its severity, determine who can fix it
    • coordination: teams (potentially customers) must be notified of the issue
    • mitigation: engineers must get things stable as quickly as possible.
    • resolution: engineers continue to investigate the problem to determine and address underlying issues.
    • follow-up: an investigation is conducted into the root cause

# Life

  • unrealized weekend

# Sharing

# The missing readme

A pretty good book, which introduces the methodologies for any developer should know and make use of them in real-life. (Something probably no one would teach you, because nowadays companies only need the key result rather than the personal growth of their workers)

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep learning, happy hacking.

# 惯性的双层含义

  • 当物体处于静止状态时, 只有在外力作用下, 物体才会运动

  • 当物体处于运动状态时, 只有在外力作用下, 物体才会停止

  • do 10x times as much

  • https://psyche.co/ideas/is-it-better-to-live-in-clock-time-or-event-time

    • Clock-timers rely on an external cue to tell them when to start and finish work.
    • An event-timer might work on a project until it’s done – ending at no predetermined time.
  • https://t.me/caozsay/852

    • 记住一条做人原则,你只代表你自己。也许你能代表一小撮和你品味,价值观相似的人,也许,别太高估自己,最好你能明白,你只代表你自己。代表你自己做出的判断和选择,只要不违法,是你的自由。
    • 妄图代表所有人,你就是一傻逼。
  • https://t.me/WebNoteslah/405

    • 网络上常见的四大愚昧
      • 一是对从未见过的人恨之入骨
      • 二是对从未做过的事引以为傲
      • 三是对吹捧出来的神纳头就拜
      • 四是对画而未得的饼感恩戴德
  • https://www.sahilbloom.com/newsletter/9-ideas-from-a-weekend-with-legends

    • 9 Ideas from a Weekend With Legends
      1. go where you don’t belong
        1. the feeling of uncertainty, fear, and discomfort is usually a sign of growth
      2. self-awareness is a cheat code for life
        1. the ability and willingness to understand and embrace your competencies and deficiencies is a cheat code for life
      3. focus on game access first, game selection next
      4. find your foxhole friends
      5. you’d rather have one sharp knife than 1000 dull ones
      6. being interested is a rare and powerful trait in the morden world
        1. being interested is how you become interesting
      7. if you want to unlock new insights, you need to find your garden
        1. an escape that allows you to create space in your life to think
      8. complexity may sound sexy, but simplicity usually wins in the long run
      9. surround yourself with people you’d want to spend your last day of life with
        1. who you choose to spend your time with is the most important decision you will ever make

Spend each day trying to be a little wiser than you were when you woke up. Day by day, and at the end of the day, if you live long enough, like most people, you will get out of life what you deserve.

# References

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The older I get, the more I realize that most of life is a matter of what we pay attention to, of what we attend to [with focus].
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