Weekly Report 2024.20

focus, focus

Find something important in your life, please.

# Entertainment

# 薬屋のひとりごと

Maomao kawaii.

# Life

  • read a lot I think, but did those really make any sense?

# Collectibles

# learn

  • https://psyche.co/ideas/you-can-want-things-you-dont-like-and-like-things-you-dont-want
    • a key part of what dopamine actually does is cause wanting: it’s related to the anticipation of rewards, as opposed to the enjoyment of them.
  • https://pboyd.io/posts/securing-a-linux-vm/
    • know your enemy (bots)
    • update the software
    • create a user account
    • disable root logins
    • change the default umask
    • always use new, random generated passwords (ssh keys) ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096
    • wireguard to restrict ip address
    • firewall
  • techniques to read faster
    • be sure that you’re now reading in a comfortable environment
    • as you read, pace yourself by moving a finger cross the page, line by line
    • don’t regress as you read
    • try to take in groups of words as you read, rather than looking at each word individually
  • https://blog.stackblitz.com/posts/flow-state/
    • create mindfulness and nudging practices
    • reduce tech debt to waste less time
    • make information accessible so you can keep developing

# share

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The older I get, the more I realize that most of life is a matter of what we pay attention to, of what we attend to [with focus].
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