Weekly Report 2024.22

it's the action which makes the difference

align your daily life to your ultimate destination.



sweet story of another two lonely girls.




  • morning run in june, not bad, I think
  • everyday morning, align your todo to your destination was a great way to start your day



  • set a big, even seemingly unachievable goal, aim for it, and then you might be growing everyday.
  • https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/PBRWb2Em5SNeWYwwB/humans-are-not-automatically-strategic
    • useful tips on goal-achievement
      • ask ourselves what we’re trying to achieve
      • ask ourselves how we could tell if we achieved and how we can track progress
      • find ourselves strongly, intrinsically curious about information that would help us achieve our goal
      • gather that information
        • by asking as how folks commoly achieve our goal or similiar goals
        • by talking which strategies have and haven’t worked for us in the past
      • systematically test many different conjectures for how to achieve the goals, including methods that aren’t habitual for us, while tracking which ones do and don’t work
      • focus most of the energy that “isn’t” going to systematic exploration, on the methods that work best
      • make sure that our goal is really our goal, that we coherently want it and are not constrained by fears or by uncertainty as to whether it is worth the effort, and that we have thought through any questions and decisions in advance so they won’t continually sap our energies
      • use environmental cues and social contexts to bolster our motivation, so we can keep working effectively in the face of intermittent frustrations, or temptations based in hyperbolic discounting
  • 《the seed》
    • 你看待世界的角度决定了你看到的是礼物还是诅咒
    • 让人疲倦的不是辛苦工作,而是消极心态
    • 做什么工作其实不重要,真正重要的是投入到工作中的精力和意识
    • 人往往认为福气装在包装精美的方盒子里,但是福气往往伪装成拆房子用的大铁球,准备摧毁你认知的世界,这样的话你就能以信心和信任为基础,重建你的人生。有时候,我们必须被打倒,才能迈向新高度。
  • co-stars (AI)
    • co-stars 框架就挺好,c context 给出具体上下文并赋予角色 persona,o goal 讲清楚任务目标 s style 明确写作风格 比如我需要 GPT 将中文翻译成 CGTN 的写作风格 t tune 语气语调 A audience 给出具体受众 response 给出输出格式 s segment 如果任务量比较大 可以分割成几部分或者更小的部分 就翻译而言 可以将翻译分为两到三个步骤 先进行粗译 再进行精译 最后进行审校


  • https://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2024/05/world/hikikomori-asia-personal-stories-wellness/
    • a good cover of the hikikomori problem in asia region
  • https://m.okjike.com/originalPosts/66509a1cd567c7d524a2fb7f
    • 从重视价值创造本身,到转向价值塑造技巧的转变
    • 我们已经进入了一个,不需要生产价值,只需要掌握价值塑造的技巧,就能获得大量流量的时代。
    • 内容是否是爆款=价值塑造+价值本身。
  • https://m.okjike.com/originalPosts/66287c779185c305d1b41c56
    • 成功不是依靠 1 万小时的积累,而是 1 万次的迭代。
    • 你今天做成什么样,你以后就会做成什么样子。
  • 这个世界上,很多所谓美好的东西,就像一个美丽的泡沫,当你触摸到它的一刹那,它就立刻破碎在你面前。
  • https://archive.org/details/bookofornamental00dela
    • ornamented alphabets
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The older I get, the more I realize that most of life is a matter of what we pay attention to, of what we attend to [with focus].
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